Dan Bissell entered the interior design business in 1968 and today manages a solid design firm serving first, second
and now a third generation of clientele. Dan appreciates the value of family, dedication, and communication with
clients. He shares the same excitement and commitment to uncompromised quality that has sustained his success over
the years. Dan appreciates the beauty achieved from mixing colors, textures and light to bring about a classic,
timeless look to a space – contemporary to traditional.

The uniqueness of each job is a result of listening to the client, observing the details in their everyday work and
life, taking into account budget and schedule – incorporating all this into a finished environment that exudes the client, a timeless sophisticated design that is beautiful as well as an integral part of their lifestyle. Dan is very passionate about the work he creates. He is a perfectionist with an eye for detail who gives as much attention to the accessory that finishes the space as he does to the main project at hand. A job is only complete when it is done right and everyone is happy.

Taking an interest in each client helps bring their project to life --a room, a home, an office that you want to use and
enjoy. “The highlight of my job,” says Dan, “is making someone happy…when we complete a job and everyone
is excited – this is why I design.”